#1Dad Releases

 Here are all number one dad releases.

#1Dad - 001 Abandonment Issues - 6 Song Demo Cdr  OUT OF PRINT
This band unleashes 6 songs of frantic, chaotic screamy grind influenced emo violentesque hardcore. 50 copies. There are a couple left.

#1Dad - 002 Abandonment Issues - Ambiance Tape  OUT OF PRINT
This tape contains two songs of instrumental ambient/noise. Limited to five copies. One LEFT.

#1Dad - 003 Abandonment Issues/SMG Split Tape OUT OF PRINT
This bad boy has 9 songs. SMG are a grindcore band from Malaysia, and slay some serious shit. Abandonment Issues are a grindy emo-violent band from Wisconsin. 50 copies. couple left.

#1Dad - 004 Mankurt - Demo 2010 Tape 
This Austrian band does some pure grind. this shit is nasty. its got that old school feel to it. 50 copies.

#1Dad - 005 Abandonment Issues - 7 Songs Tape 
AI are at it again, but this time better than ever. more developed beats, guitars, everything.Still grindy emo-violence. 7 songs, 10 minutes. 50 copies.

#1Dad - 006 Rectal Twat/Deche-Charge Split Tape OUT OF PRINT
Pure fucking noisecore. You know these bands. spray painted tapes. tied with a ribbon that reads "Congratulations" and two inserts. 30 copies. 

#1Dad - 007 Rectal Twat/Abandonment Issues Split Floppy Disc OUT OF PRINT
Noisecore VS. Emo Violence.  3 inserts, 9 songs. 22 copies.

#1Dad - 008 Demographics - Demographics Cdr. 
This band is the AI band doing a completely different sound. Weird distorted art rock. Highly Suggested. 20 Copies.

#1Dad - 009 Stuggling Beacons Fading Headlights. - S/T Cdr Full Length. 
Minimal Dub/Electronic from one of my good friends in Austria. This shit is great, im saying this honestly. They are unheard of, but are insanely good. 50 copies.

#1Dad - 010 Abandonment Issues - One Full Minute Of FUCK YOU 3.5" Floppy OUT OF PRINT
This floppy is hand painted in handmade, spraypainted covers. 4 songs in 1 minute. Limited to 12 copies.

#1Dad - 011 Saturn Form Essence - Radioactive Cosmic Rays Cdr 
This outfit produces some pretty good Space Ambient. 3 songs, almost 30 minutes. 30 Copies.

#1Dad - 012 Ultimate Blowup/Kali - Split 7"
1st vinyl release for me. Ultimate Blowup are from Turkey and play Charles Bronson style Powerviolence. Kali are from Canada and play some of the best hardcore i have heard in years. From Number One Dad, this is limited to 18 copies. This is co-release between Spastic Fantastic, Idoneum Bello Records,7 Degrees Records,Incursion Records, and #1Dad.

#1Dad - 013 Rectal Twat/Anal Cake Split Cdr. 
Really crazy noisecore. spraypainted blue cdrs, lightly sprayed covers. limited to 16.

#1Dad - 014 Sperm Pollution - 6 Billion Lightyears Away From Believability Cdr 
 Some crazy noisecore. Limited to 25 copies. 3 different versions.

Twine tied. 4 of these.

Spraypainted black, recylced jewel cases. limited to 8. 

In a plastic bag. Limited to 13 copies. 

#1Dad - 015 - i AM esper/Nebula VII - Dirge Of The Blackened Void Split CDr 
Some really great ambient and ambient noise. Each artist dishes out one long track. Wrapped in blue yarn. Limited to 25 copies. 

#1Dad - 016 Nebula VII - Nihil CDr 
3 songs of ambient noise. two originals. one remixed by Demographics. Some of their best material to date. wrapped in blue yarn. Limited to 20 copies. 

#1Dad - 017 Saturn Form Essence - Unknown Vibrations From Outer Space (Part 1) Cassette 
4 Songs from this rather prolific space ambient group. tapes lightly spraypainted black and pink. The covers are spraypainted rust. Limited to 25.

#1Dad - 018 Liquefying Cerebral Hemispheres With Nano-Molecular Sentient Beings - Discography Tape 
This is the side project of Paul from Rectal Twat. This is almost an hour of noise. Minimal packaging. Spraypainted cases (BLue and BLack) and spray painted black recylced tapes with a blue stencil on them. limited to 10 copies. get them before they were gone.

#1Dad - 019 Rectal Twat/Disleksick - A Split Tape 
This split takes two Noisecore heavyweights and owns your eardrums. Recyled tapes. Four different album colors. Blue, Pink, Orange, and Yellow. Limited To 21.

#1Dad - 020 Rectal Twat/Anal Cunt - Total Noise Holocaust Split Tape 
2 live sets from AxCx, and 20 songs from RxTx. On recyled tapes. This is the shit. Limited to 31 copies.

#1Dad - 021 Agathocles - Scorn Of Mother Earth Tape. 
8 killer tracks from this prolific grind band. this is a demo from 1993, unreleased until now. limited to 50 copies.
39 look like these.
11 look like these, the ghetto ass version.

#1Dad - 024 "Five Ways" - Rectal Twat, FFFFFFFrrrrrrr, Demographics, Abandonment Issues, and Struggling Headlights Fading Beacons. 
This is a killer 5 way split. it has everything, noise, violence, dub, ambient, art rock. limited to 35 copies, comes with a handstamped cover, a full color insert, and different illistrations on each cdr.

#1Dad - 025 Rectal Twat/FFFFFFFrrrrrrr Split Tape 
On recycled tapes, hand painted envelopes for covers. one noise track from FFFFFRRRRRRR and some live noisecore from Rectal Twat. shit is epic. limited to 20 copies.


This massive tape collects all types of noise from across the world. limited to 50 copies. hand spray painted, numbered, etc. the layout is in form of a memo, even with a place to write your name to fit in the album! the bands are Demographics, Sperm Pollution, Rectal Twat, Ugly Rumors, Nathan Watson, FFFFFFFrrrrrr, Boiling Point, Anal Cake, Swamp Rat, Abandonment Issues, RedSK, Psychotic Sufferance, Struggling Beacons Fading Headlights.

#1Dad - 028 Poop Soup - 1 Second Demo Tape
 This features 2 really short acoustic noisecore stupids by Paul from the infamous Rectal Twat. super limited to 10 copies.

#1Dad - 029 Abandonment Issues - Alive And Terrible 3.5" Floppy Disc
4 Songs, recorded terribly in my room in the end of April. My friend Gabriel played guitar. 3 originals, and one Henry Fonda cover. 11 Copies. each with its own vague artwork similar to the one shown.