Sunday, June 24, 2012


So i have decided to close number one dad. its been a good start. but i want to move on to other label pursuits. ANYBODY who would be willing to take on my distro to theirs should let me know. im looking to get it out of my apartment. (im keeping the kali/ultimate blowup 7"s and the Fire team charlie discographies) also, my final release will be the abandonment issues full length, and i will be carrying it in my new label distro when i get that started. sorry to anybody who i was supposed to put out. but i just dont have the same connection with the grind and noise circuit, well honestly i never really had much. i started this label to put out screamy hardcore and stuff, and well it didnt turn out that way. so ill be starting a new label with different intentions. thanks to anybody who ever bought anything, traded, supported, or just listened. it means the world to me, and i hope that ill be able start this new label and put out stuff that i really like and want, and i hope that some of you will be interested in it. ill be posting more regularly about the new label and have a facebook, blogspot, and bigcartel once i get stuff started. thanks for everything.